Hi chica! Please, please know that I am here for you and think of you often! I found some insight from Dr. P in a prior blog that may be really, really helpful and wanted to share.

“Maybe taking a warm bath with scented candles and soft music, having a romantic supper at home and dancing afterwards, performing erotic massages on one another or maybe taking an evening walk under the stars. One needs to communicate with one’s partner to explore all the different possibilities on reducing the anxiety associated with vaginismus or everyday life – be open to all possibilities. The key is to reduce the anxiety, which in turn will increase the arousal and the enjoyment of the sexual experience. One patient writes: “I find that having a glass of wine is kind of nice and relaxing prior to intercourse. In addition to this, I’ve also found that lighting scented candles and taking a warm bath is also very relaxing prior to intercourse.”

Sending you hugs tonight!!!! :):):)