While I appreciate your words. The “wants, needs, and desires” statement came from me… he never said those words. I consider myself a strong woman and it takes alot for me to discuss this let alone post on the forum. We’ve been married for almost 9 years and he’s been supportive in this with me. Everyday isnt perfect but overall hes been dealing. I feel bad because hes my husband and I love him. I know thats an area to which im clearly not satisfying him which is why I even bothered to push through everything I felt to continously seek out help and treatment. I had the procedure done as a last effort. Id seen several doctors, specialists, and therapists over the years to no avail. I fought soo hard partly because I want a normal healthy marriage in addition to wanting no more pain. I would imagine this makes me akin to any wife who would want to please her husband in the bedroom. This does not make me weak, and this does not make him a villain…this makes us human. Again, I really do appreciate your words, im not just saying that. I am however looking for suggestions on things I could implement and or similar testimonials as im in search of hope for the situation and already feel bad enough. Thanks again, Alyx