I’m sorry if any offense is taken with what I’m about to say but…..

What about YOUR frustration? What about YOUR wants? YOUR needs? YOUR desires?

If, hypothetically, your hubby had a chronic illness, would you be there with him on that journey? Of course you would! Do our spouses deserve a Medal of Honor for “putting up with us” OR is that what a marriage is about? I don’t know maybe I’m out of line but I think that the shame of vaginismus and how we are made to feel is just not right. We all have wants and needs and desires. Sex is just one of the things in life we want, need and desire. Why is it that a man is more deserving of this in our society than a woman? Why does society allow us to think and feel we are second class citizens as women?

It’s not right. We don’t “will” ourselves to have vaginismus. We don’t desire or want or need vaginismus! So why are we punished for having it?

Nobody should have to deal with the guilt, shame, or pain that vaginismus brings to our table. Nobody.

I’m sorry that you are having to wrestle with how to “fix” your husbands problem of sexual frustration when all you probably want to do is just be fixed yourself!

I hope that, together, you can achieve both and stay strong in your journey together! I will be hoping that for both of you!!

Stay strong!