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I used the surgilube/lidocaine mixture until it ran out (5-6 days post-procedure), but mainly because I didn’t want to waste it. I didn’t feel that it made much difference, but that could be because I was getting used to dilating by day 6. It did sting a little. I bought a tube each of surgilube and lidocaine – the lidocaine is still unopened and I only used the surgilube twice (had a kind of vinegary smell I didn’t like). Still, I think it was worth a few bucks for the peace of mind in case I had wanted to use it longer.

I’ve been using Sliquid Organics Natural since day 6 with no irritation or infections. Sometimes I add shea butter for overnights. I love the Sliquid for intercourse since it’s a bit thinner and a lot like our natural body lubrication, but I’m thinking of trying Babeland’s “Babelube Natural” for dilating since it sounds a bit less runny.