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Another fun holiday idea would be the Crystal Bullet Twist Dilator!

In a prior post, I wrote:

Hi ladies. There is an excellent new vaginismus aid now available: The Crystal Bullet Twist Dilator


Excerpts include: “The overall length of the Crystal Bullet Twist Dilator is approximately 7 inches with each end measuring approximately 3.5 inches. This is in keeping with the normal length of the vagina which is usually 3-4 inches in length. The bullet end of the device has a diameter which falls between the diameter of the #4 and #5 Pure Romance dilators, while the twist end falls between the diameter of the #5 and #6 dilators. Both ends achieve added dilation as well as the massage and stimulation of the vaginal walls, clitoral legs and g-spot with the gentle curves of the bullet and twist ends. The weight of the Crystal Bullet Twist Dilator offers additional variance over the medical dilators and is of benefit for both dilation and pleasure.”

I have tried the Crystal Bullet Twist Dilator and would highly recommend it to all, especially those who may struggle with libido. For anyone who may be fearful of “glass” which includes both the glass dilators as well as this new vaginismus aid, I can assure you that it is very, very comfortable and not at all intimidating. Once we received it, my hubby and I opened the package and he was immediately intrigued by the twist end of the dilator. When the timing was right (i.e. no period and no houseguests), we were able to try it out as a fun part of our foreplay. As the Blog describes, with the twist end inserted, it provided massage and stimulation of the vaginal walls, clitoral legs, and g-spot. In my own terms, it was AMAZING and something that we haven’t stopped using prior to intercourse as I LOVE IT and my hubby enjoys my reaction to it with the twist end inserted. I would totally recommend it to everyone reading this and it is one of my most favorite vaginismus aids ever!!!