Hello Hope !

I am also a 28 years-old suffering with vaginismus and also still a virgin.
As mentionned in previous forum I have also tried with no success to overcome vaginismus with previous boyfriends …

I cried a lot and felt desperate but you know what? They were not worth it… And I can’t speak for you and your boyfriend since you’ve been together for a long time but as for me I feel definitely better now without that deadline pressure those guys gave me.

At least now alone, even though I get lonely and I’m scared to date… at least I have no deadline and time pressure. SO PLEASE don’t you ever feel you owe anything to him. You owed him to try yes but he is extremely selfish to pressure you this way and not recognize your progress.
It would be inapropriate for me to give you advice on your personal life and relationship but I’m just wondering if you wouldn’t be better off without him and this selfish pressure… Or maybe you should have a very callm conversation with him explaining that you really can’t control this…

Anyway, hang in there, be strong, we are not alone and with motivation and the right people around us, we will fight this condition and win 🙂