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Dr. Pacik

Thanks Ladies for your kind remarks. It is my intention not to make too many comments. This is YOUR forum, and I want the forum to be among the women. I do hear many times from women who are unable to travel to my clinic and I think a few words may be of help. I find that if a woman is unable to tolerate intercourse but is able to tolerate some penetration, they may be candidates for a dilator program without the Botox. Most of the time a woman is given, or orders, a set of dilators with minimal to no instruction. Once I work with someone by Skype or phone it is actually not that difficult. I would still need a completed questionnaire which can be requested through my office. For those women who have severe vaginismus and a complete inability for any form of penetration (Lamont level 5 vaginismus) these are the women who do better with the full Botox program because they often will not progress with physical therapy, dilators, talk therapy, etc. Hope this helps. Dr. P