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I absolutely love this thread and believe it is so important to continue to advocate and spread the word about vaginismus and the Botox treatment program. This program was the cure that my husband and I searched so long for and now are able to make love and now have a beautiful baby boy. I want everyone out there to not only learn about the condition of vaginismus but that this treatment option exists. Please see the thread: Introducing Maze Women’s Sexual Health: http://www.vaginismusmd.com/support/vaginismus-md-forum/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=1073. In it, Dr. Pacik writes:

“I am delighted that women struggling with vaginismus will be able to continue their care with a group that both understands and treats vaginismus in a caring competent way. We are all aware of the generalized lack of training in medical school and during residency training regarding vaginismus and the condescending remarks that unknowing clinicians make. You will never hear the words “Just relax” from MAZE because they are fully in tune with the many difficulties that arise from this condition. Maze spent two days training with me and brought along two of their most difficult patients both of whom were able to achieve intercourse. Following this we collaborated frequently on difficult patients and wrote a clinical published paper together. I visited their facility and was impressed by the services they offer and their very caring attitude. They have treated some of my international patients who were unable to get their Visas before my retirement. We collaborate on a regular basis as new challenges arise. I am also delighted that the website will continue and that the Forum will continue to be a sounding board for questions dealing with vaginismus. It has always been my intention that women with vaginismus need to have a sounding board where they are able to continue to get information about vaginismus. Heather, our moderator, has agreed to continue her support of the Forum by answering questions and providing links to informative articles. I will continue to make myself available for issues that arise. It is my every intention to continue advocating for women struggling with vaginismus. I have written a number of scientific papers about vaginismus and was recently requested to write the chapter on sexual pain in a new book to be published for gynecologists. My goal is the broader dissemination of information that will allow clinicians to have a better understanding of this problem and appropriate treatment. It has been my honor to take care of the courageous champions, my “dilating divas”! I am so pleased that the torch has been passed and that women will continue to be able to receive very competent and caring assistance in overcoming the many challenges that face women with vaginismus. I wish for every woman struggling with sexual pain to have the support and treatment that will allow them to be whole again.”

Lets do everything that we can do to continue to spread the word about this treatment program. I welcome your comments and thoughts here.