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Thanks so much Heather! I have added them to my list! My brother has given me some ideas on how to run the workshop-exciting! I am thinking of introducing them to 4 different case studies of women in groups and each group will get to meet with each lady at each table. They will then have questions to work through as a group and will get to figure out what level they are on the lamont, what referals are available, what websites they can point women towards etc..

I also want a “not what to say list” and a “to say list”! I was also thinking about some role playing for them too. One can take on the role of having to be the woman atteding the clinic and the other one can be the professional dealing with the situation.

My brother also suggested a q and a session but from a secret annoymous box so that they can ask any questions they want about the subject without feeling embarrassed. I will do a short talk on vaginismus with statistics and defintion etc.. first and then I am putting them into full on the job action-best way for them to learn I think!

I also heard back from the Calgary women’s resource centre and they have some women with vaginismus there too, so they are planning on getting me to talk to their nurses too! It’s kinda scary but I know it has to be done!

I will make sure that I include your topic. Maybe I could make one of the case studies your story??? I obviously would protect your confidentiality, but what do you think? I could then get them discussing how they would manage you if you had come to their office with your complaints.