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Hello Everyone,
I have some great news. I have been asked to conduct a workshop for some nurses and doctors at a local Sexual Health clinic here in Calgary. This is not going to be an easy step to take, but I am looking forward to it. I wanted to share this because I was wondering if anyone else on this forum was from Calgary and would like to join me! It will be happening on November 1st from 1-3pm.

I would also like to ask all of you if there is anything in particular that you would like me to educate them about in particular. I want to be a voice for all of you to the professionals that I have a chance to talk with face to face, so please let me know. Even if you want me to share a particular story about how you have been treated when you have tried to access services for help. What would make things better for you? Please comment below and I will be sure to pass on your messages to the professioanls that have allowed me to talk to them about vaginismus.