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This is an excellent blog and I have just signed the WISH petition. Here are some of my notes that correlate to their mission statement. Very exciting!!!

The etiology of female sexual problems is often complex.

It may include sexual medicine issues related to biological etiologies including:
o neurologic,
o hormonal,
o vascular and
o anatomic components

as well as psychological issues related to:
o socio-cultural,
o emotional,
o cognitive and
o relationship concerns

We advocate the development of safe and effective treatments, both biological and psychosocial-cultural in nature, for women who are suffering from these conditions.

– women deserve to have a variety of treatment options (Sidebar: I 100% agree with this. Every single vaginismus patient is different. I tried several treatment options, including PT, and was not successful. However, I had complete and total success within 1 week following Dr. Pacik’s Botox procedure for vaginismus. This was my best treatment method and the only one that worked after 15 years of trying and failing at other treatments.)


– for their voices to be heard (Sidebar: I read this as the physician/clinician listening when a patient says something is not working. For example, I tried physical therapy in the past and was unable to move beyond my anxiety to insert anything. Rather than listening to me, the PT kept saying statements “well if you just relax” when this was not possible for me to do).

In light of this, we call upon all the stakeholders, including government regulators, to move the bar of available therapies forward.

– Sidebar: herein lies the area to develop. How does one move the bar of available therapies forward?

Take the first step and sign the WISH petition

My very favorite part of the WISH Initiative includes:

“The WISH Initiative strives to bring the conversation about women and sexual health from taboo to mainstream. The World Health Organization considers sexual health an important component of overall well-being, and women deserve that their sexual health be recognized, properly diagnosed and effectively treated. Women who suffer from these conditions should not feel embarrassed to discuss these concerns regarding their sexual health with their doctor. Suffering in silence is not the answer!”

How many of us suffered in silence with vaginismus? I certainly did for several years. I truly believe that this is a very important step in getting vaginismus on the map and finally having physicians and clinicians recognize that it is real and must be taken seriously. As always, I would welcome your comments and feedback and hope that, together, we can all work to move vaginismus into the mainstream.