Quote from Becca on April 1, 2014, 16:56
I got this newsletter in my email and thought it was cool to read. When my husband and I found this treatment we didn’t know how we would pay for it either. My uncle created a pay-pal account and a website for us, and we shared some of our story publicly – on our FB, with our Church and friends and family. We did not share details, I made a point of stating on our website that it was something that was really private and emotionally painful for me to talk about. We said that I had a medical condition that was preventing us from being able to start a family. We said that we had tried a number of other treatments but nothing had worked and that there was a treatment in NH that had a huge success rate for helping people with this condition. Then we waited. It was incredible. We announced and shared our website on November 11, 2013 and we had all the funds and were able to have treatment on February 24, 2014. People were SO kind, and so generous.

This is an incredibly amazing story Becca and so, so wonderful. :):):)