Hi Kate. I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and just know that everything is going to go so well for you on Monday. Please know that you are in amazing care with Dr. Pacik, Janet Pacik, Ellen and all of the staff. They care so much and will be there for you. Moreover, they all understand just so, so much about vaginismus. While having vaginismus, I used to get so nervous prior to ob/gyn appointments, I would cry, shake, feel like passing out, and so many more physical symptoms of anxiety. It was horrible. I did feel this prior to my procedure but did not have the normal experience as I had with other doctors. Instead, the staff and Dr. Pacik recognized this and I was immediately given IV Verced and received my procedure shortly thereafter. This helped to significantly reduce my anxiety and I then recall waking up and the procedure was over with. As Dr. P wrote in one of his great posts, then you are on the other side of vaginismus. Please know that no matter how nervous you are, you WILL get through this with their help and have a very positive experience while in NH. Sending you tons of support and big hugs today!!!