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Thank you everybody for your support !
I had never heard of Vasovagal Syncope before.
I will take your advice and try it while lying down next time.

I live in Mexico currently, I don’t have much money so the procedure is not in my plan and as Dr Patrick mentionned I would probably need an assessment before.

Heather, the only time a doctor tried to examine me intimately she s¿was only able to touch the entrance of my vagina with the scalpel and I unvolontarily FOUGHT her, she couldn’t do anything. I have never tried after that.

I am glad to hear that the procedures have changed your lives, unfortunately it doesn’t help me much at the moment because I know I can’t have this procedure, not now anyway. I am also not a US citizen so… anyway I feel that I would need a different solution.

But thank you very much for your concern, for your messages, it does help 🙂