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Dr. Pacik

Thanks Erika for you kind remarks. I’m thrilled that you joined the Forum. By way of introduction, Erika is a physical therapist in Manchester, NH. She has devoted her career to the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. We as a Forum are very lucky to have her on board.
We collaborated on a patient more than two years ago who failed to make progress with her vaginismus despite two separate sessions of PT. After being treated with the Botox program she achieved intercourse in 6 days. Crisley has been with me on numerous occasions to counsel newly treated patients and had the courage to do a YouTube which she then translated into Portuguese, her native tongue. This can be seen by linking to the resource center and viewing her YouTube done in 2 parts “A Patient’s Experience” http://www.vaginismusmd.com/resources/video-files/. With her courage, and more than 6,000 hits, Crisley has become a tireless advocate for other women who suffer as she did.
I propose that we create a new topic devoted to questions that have to do with physical therapy as a treatment for vaginismus so that Erika can weigh in on this widely used type of treatment. Who might be a candidate for PT? Should PT be used as a first type of treatment? How does PT fit in with counseling? When should the Botox program be considered? How does PT work? How many sessions should be expected and when should a patient be referred for the Botox program? These are all important questions. Having Erika with us will broaden our knowledge. Thanks Erika for joining us. Dr.P.