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Hi Vashalla. This is a great post. It’s wonderful that you shared the information about Dr. Pacik’s program as well as your tremendous success story with your ob/gyn and this is another excellent way of spreading the word. I remember sharing the same with a new ob/gyn doctor and she actually brought up Dr. Pacik’s website with a link to the “pure romance” dilators and asked me several questions about them. She disclosed that she had 2 patients that had vaginismus and she was going to direct them to the site to learn more and also recommend the “pure romance” dilators (pre-glass).

Also, concerning the pamphlets, in a prior post, Janet wrote “The best way to get pamphlets to pass out is to call our office at 603-669-0290 to request them. Ask for Jenn. She will be able to mail them out to you. It would be so wonderful if everyone on the forum passed out 3 or 4 pamphlets to their physicians and/or physical therapists. It is a great way to spread the word about the work Dr. Pacik is doing.”