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Dr. Pacik

Almost no one has pain free intercourse soon after treatment! I have stressed many times that setbacks are normal, every patient thinks she will be the one failure. From following many women it is clear that almost everyone has a setback struggling with dilators that were comfortable just days ago. Any time we over exercise a group of muscles this will result in soreness. In addition there are before and after effects of menses during which time the tissues become more sensitive.
Just stay with the course and don’t give up. Use the smaller dilators for a while until you are comfortable advancing to the larger dilators again. That you were able to use the large dilators on the day after treatment is not related to how fast you will progress once you return home. Dilation is a process which must be done slowly enough to avoid discomfort. Both of you will do well if you stay with the program.
I would be interested to hear what some of our veterans have to say.