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No worries lulu!

We’re all going through the exact same thing. I know how you feel, I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions as well. I go from “Wow I am so excited, I’m going to be having pain free sex in no time!” to “Omg this is never going to work. I’m doomed.” in about two seconds haha.

I just had my procedure done about a week ago and I’m already stressing myself out over every little thing. Like everyone else, I woke up with the #6 in me pain free. Then the #4 in all night, and #5 the next day. Yet as of the last few days I have only been using the #3. Its not painful, but it is still a bit uncomfortable, so I am just waiting another few days until that is 100% comfortable and then I’ll be moving on to the #4. And then the #5, and so on. But every once in a while I still think things like “Why cant you do more?? You should be doing the #5 by now!” But I just try to remind myself that our bodies aren’t robots, and we have to listen to what our bodies are telling us in order to achieve success. Patience patience patience!! 😀

Pretty soon we will be using the #6 with ease! 😀 Hope everything is going well for you!