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Amanda Miller

@Lou, don’t worry everything. Will be fine. When I came out of the procedure I to had to use the restroom, I had a nurse go with me because I still had some anastasia in me. I was in absolute amazement when I took the blue dilator out and realized that I did it! When I put it back in, it went right back in and I was so happy. I had a set of dilators at home that have never been used because I could never talk myself into using them, but now after e procedure I don’t mind at all. I use the purple for 30mins and pink 30mins every morning and night. For me sleeping it did not work so on the every other day that we are suppose to sleep in it I just make up the next morning doing 1 hr. I promise you will be able to do and you will feel so wonderful that you are able to do it. They will help you in the office on the day of surgery and e next day to help you in anyway to get comfortable using them. Ellen helped me when I thought I couldn’t do it, but once I relaxed I did it!!!! Good luck on your procedure and look forward to hearing you success stories too 🙂