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Janet Pacik

The glass dilators are $160 for a set of three (the #4, #5, and #6); the Pure Romance Dilators are $90 for a set of 6. For more information on the dilators that we offer, please visit our webpage for the Pure Romance dilators http://www.vaginismusmd.com/vaginismus/vaginismus-aids/pure-romance-vaginal-dilators-set-of-6-dilators/ and the webpage for the Pacik Glass dilators http://www.vaginismusmd.com/vaginismus/vaginismus-aids/pacik-glass-dilators-set-of-3/ . On the webpage for the Glass dilators, you will see Care Guidelines which you might be interested in reading. The glass dilators are made of tempered glass (similar to Pyrex) and they are resistant to breakage, though care needs to be taken to avoid dropping them in the sink of floor. Routine care is needed to prevent scratching the surface. Call our office and speak to Lisa for more information.