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How far do I push in the larger dilators? @ Dr. P, this is a good post regarding the large dilators and a question that comes up all of the time! You also wrote “once [the entry] muscle is passed, it is common to notice that the dilator suddenly ‘falls in’ as there is no longer resistance higher up. In the beginning of dilating right after the procedure, I was very surprised by this. I noticed that I had to push a little to get the pink and blue dilators in and then they just slipped right in with no resistance. I, too, had a common fear of being ripped and felt queasy with the idea of pushing the entry muscles. The thing that really worked well to get me through this was to liberally use a ton of lubricant and practice inserting and re-inserting (i.e. working out these entry muscles). For those who are just starting, it gets so, so much better in time and does become part of your daily routine. And, every single day is different. I found that if the pink or blue dilator felt uncomfortable on one day, on the very next day that I tried, it went right in and was comfortable. It’s a process ladies but the end result is the best thing in the entire world and entirely worth it!!!!