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Hi all, thank you for all your replies & kind wishes, it really helped. :-).
Well, I had the procedure two weeks ago and it worked!! I’ve dilated every day since the procedure – using purple & pink but blue when I can, although this still hurts (did anyone else find this too?). On day 11 after the procedure, my husband and I managed to have intercourse – I actually cried with relief & joy! I can not properly describe how I felt & still feel – overwhelmed, amazed, even disbelief too. Intercourse is a bit uncomfortable – I guess it gets “better” with practice??
The last two weeks have not been easy – it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions – happiness, sadness (when the blue wouldn’t go in), frustration, impatience – everyone achieves success in different timescales but I wanted to be one of the “quick” ones and for it to happen straight away. But the botox & dilating has worked and I know if I continue to work at it & practice, I know it will get better.
In addition, I know I still have some emotional baggage – years of pain, frustration, failed attempts, humiliating doctor visits, etc to get rid of which wil take a bit of time.
But, for those considering the procedure, it is amazing, I’m still so surprised at the success – I’ve made more progress in 2 weeks than I did in 10 years! If any one has any detailed questions, I am more than happy to answer them. I would love to share the full story of my experience.