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@ Randa, welcome to the forum and I loved reading all of your posts. My sincere CONGRATULATIONS on your tremendous success!!! You’re story was so, so inspiring and educational as well! You wrote “my husband and Dr. Pacik told me afterward that even unconscious, I was still trying to resist any insertion and trying to pull myself away from them on the table.” So many physicians who don’t understand the condition have told women with vaginismus to relax, it’s all in your head, and even to just have a drink to make it easier. Your story is evidence that it truly is a medical condition that occurs, even while unconscious, and thus, can be successfully treated as such. I like your reference to your “attempted escape” … LOL…You also wrote “[Dr. P] stated that he could create a 6th level for the severity of vaginismus that I had, but I wasn’t discouraged … I was very determined.” This was so wonderful and inspiring to read and for everyone reading this, it’s a testament of just how much one can accomplish with determination!!! Sincere CONGRATS on achieving intercourse and also congrats on using the tampon today! This is EXCELLENT. Thank you so, so much for sharing your story and I look so forward to reading more of your posts.

@ Lou, DAY 1 is done … wooooooooh! We’re all here for you and know that you will do GREAT! Please keep us posted on your progress!!!