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Dr. Pacik

Thank you wtcross for your powerful post. It is a sad story, but one that I have heard often. You are a prince, like so many of the men who have supported their loved ones. Even though most of the medical community is ignorant about vaginismus, there is a great deal that can be done. Too many of my patients wait too long before satisfactory treatment.
I would suggest going to the contact form to get the questionnaires, filling them out and having me review them. Here is the link
The reason for the detailed questionnaire is because the diagnosis of vaginismus is made by history. Most women are unable to tolerate a GYN exam. If they are anesthetized, any spasm relaxes and the diagnosis is missed.
An important symptom of vaginismus is “hitting a wall” This helps differentiate vaginismus from other sexual pain disorders.

I look forward to the suggestions of others.