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I love this idea!! 🙂 I think making a film about it is a great idea. I have been trying to think of ways to spread the news too, and help women who are suffering from this to feel less alone. I have told many people about my condition, mostly just in the last 4 months before having this procedure. We told everyone, we were having a procedure because I had a physical problem keeping us from being able to start a family – and some people asked me more questions, so I told them about my Vaginismus and shared the website with them. It has become easier to talk about the more I talk about it, but definitely the idea of just random people or acquaintances knowing about it is something I’m hesitant/nervous about too. I will say that everyone I have told has been 100% supportive and shocked to hear about it. It is so sad that this is a condition that no one has ever heard of or even known was possible to have. It has been amazing though to hear people share their private experiences and stories with me after sharing mine. I actually had a co-worker friend who I found out had been diagnosed with Vaginismus as well, as well as a friend who had to have a hymenectomy for other reasons, and another older friend who is going through what could be secondary Vaginismus and has struggled with those same feelings of feeling alone and like a freak. It is amazing what we can do when we are a voice for our condition, and the hope we can inspire in others, as well as the knowledge we can share! 🙂

Also, just have to add that my husband and I explored Boston, and York, ME while we were jus there too! 🙂 Boston was incredible there is so much history and fun stuff to see. It was freezing, but we still walked and explored the Freedom Trail – one of the coolest things ever. 🙂 One thing I would recommend with that, we got a great deal on a hotel (in the Theater district) through hotwire and it was such a great, central location! We were able to park our rental car in the garage next to the hotel and walk everywhere we wanted to go. It was really awesome. 🙂