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Hello ladies !
I apologize for the late reply and I feel so blessed to be in this community7forum.
Thanks a lot for your advice and support ! Knowing that you overcame thiscondition is giving me motivation !
I don’t have access to vaginal dilators, I am abroad with no possibility of receiving personal package…
I have a sex toy that I wanted to use for this purpose but I think I was too ambitious haha, way too big !

Thanks for helping me not feeling like an alien, it’s so hard to fit in this society when you don’t have sex…it sounds stupid and superficial to say so, but I’m sure you understand what I mean…

Right now my objective is actually to lose my virginity by myself, using toys or whatever … I can’t afford surgery and I just can’t see how I’m ever going to let a man get inside me without fighting him… so I’m going to train myself physically and mentally to do it by myself… I’m not sure exactly how yet but hopefully I’ll find ideas in this forum.

Thanks ladies, you are great support and the testimonies are inspirational 🙂