Hi Stephanie. Huge, Huge CONGRATS! This is such wonderful news. I gave birth this past May and our beautiful baby boy is now 9 months old. I had to have a c section for medical reasons (prior neuro-surgery). I posted to another Forum member, Vashalla, who gave birth using hypnobabies and hope she can share her experience with this. I am just so, so excited for you. Are you guys going to find out the sex? We were too excited not to know and found out that we were having a boy. As far as the exams that I had during my pregnancy, I found them to be doable and not painful during my early pregnancy. Then, it was determined that I had a low lying placenta so the internal exams were almost non-existent in the middle to later months. I did notice increased sensitivity in the last month prior to May but the team was very understanding and limited the exams/tests. Sending you huge hugs and, again, huge CONGRATS!!!!