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GGC_22 – I am so sorry for all that you have been through because I know how hard so much of this can be. I dealt with vaginismus for 9 years before finally getting treatment that worked for me long-term and those years were littered with self-loathing, shame, pain, and guilt. I say all this to let you know that as hard as it might be to believe, those emotions can become part of your past if you have the right type of treatment. This phase of your life might have felt endless, but it CAN just be a phase.

The thing that finally worked for me was the botox treatment offered at the Maze clinic, and I think you’d be a great candidate for something like that. It sounds like you have a great care team on your side but that your progress has plateaued – you might just be someone with a more serious case who needs additional care and help. I highly recommend you research the procedure more here on the Maze website and give them a free call just to discuss your options. Also, I hope you’ll give yourself grace for the fact that your breakup is bound to have emotional effects that are making this harder on you. Don’t give up – so many women have overcome this condition and you can too!