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I felt inclined to respond to this because the Botox can be inexpensive if you find the right doctor. Maze has definitely helped me but when I heard the cost I wasn’t about it. Plus having to travel it’s not realistic for a lot of people. I was able to find a pelvic pain specialist 2 hours from me that did botox injections. He prescribed me the botox 100 units and I purchased it at the pharmacy myself using good rx for $616. The procedure was $250 using nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas). He did a total of 6 injections on March 6, 2023. My husband and I had piv sex partially 4 days later. 20 days later we had full penetration. We have since had piv sex several times and I am now pregnant which was our hope all along. Do not give up!!! And do not become discouraged because of the price because there are affordable options. On May 2022 I had never had any penetration I did therapy and dilators for
almost a year and felt stuck. I decided to get the botox and it has helped so much. I was definitely nervous not getting full anesthesia but the laughing gas took the edge off and I only felt slight pain and pressure. The procedure lasted about 5 min and 30 minutes later I was driving home.