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Hi guys,

Yes I paid for it privately in new zealand which was $1000 for one injection. I am actually originally from the UK and I am going back for a few months so have been looking it up there. It is cheaper in the uk around £300 to £400 per injection but i have also seen it for about £200 if you book several. They say around 3 injections is best. I doubt anyone would do it on the NHS! But let me know if you find it.
I also was reading there is an element of the effectiveness is how good the person doing it is. Like even centrafuging the blood and then also the accuracy of the injection. Also they then say a yearly injection is helpful to maintain.
At this point I want to try everything to avoid surgery.
My gyanecology here advised I could have a Fentons procedure but i have looked that up and seems a bit 50 50 if it iwll work but I haven’t looked at the evidence recently.
It’s great you have had pain free sex! Even if it was short lived, or you are having to go back to your exercises. It means it is possible!
I’ve also read about hyaluronic acid injections too but that was a random paper in Eastern Europe somewhere. I haven’t seen any practitioners offering it.