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Hi Hope2022 – I’m so glad to hear that your procedure was a success and that you’ve been making progress dilating! One of the hardest lessons for me to learn when I was dilating after my own botox under anesthesia was the one you describe – the immense frustration of feeling like you are moving backward! It’s natural to find this upsetting when you just want to get to a new chapter of your life after so many years of suffering, but this is a TOTALLY normal experience and does NOT mean you are failing at dilating.

One of the things I had to learn is that as women, our bodies change a lot over the course of a month due to our hormones and proximity to our period, as well as other health factors like whether we’re sleeping enough, drinking enough water, and so on. This means that some days, dilating will just be harder than others because our bodies have more or less flexibility, that we are in better moods, that our skin is elastic, and so on. This can be frustrating in the moment, but it’s extra important to celebrate gradual progress as we make it and accept that bad days will happen and that they don’t define our journey. Just do what you can and keep trying tomorrow, and you WILL continue to make progress.

I hope this helps – I would love to know how your dilation has been going and whether you’ve been able to overcome these challenges! Keep at it and know that this is all part of the process to get to a better sex life!