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Hi, I have no idea about how it is in the US, but someone in the group may be able to tell you about it. I get your point about Lidocaine and I actually felt the same when I started using it. I thought how would this make things better, but it does because if I hadn’t used Lidocaine 2% at that time, I would have left dilation at all because it was very painful. I used to apply it on thn the dilator and then insert the dilator. When my muscles became less tight, I wouldn’t feel burning anymore so I didn’t use it after that. I used it for about 1 month maybe and I was also worried about any side-effects but nothing happened. It was completely fine. However, you could discuss it with your therapist. She might be able to write a prescription for you.

The 4th dilator is hard because of the difference between the sizes. Try an intermediate size. I was also stuck on my 4th or 5th dilator and almost gave up, but then someone recommended me to try an in-between size which solved my problem. Hope this will work for you too. Good luck and don’t feel defeated. I felt the same way throughout my dilation journey. Sometimes it felt I would never be able to make it through, but then I did it. You can do it too.