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Hey Everyone! You’d be happy to hear that I have finally been able to have successful intercourse. I just posted my story in the Success Stories discussion. I want to thank all the people on this forum whose discussions have been a huge source of support for me especially @Mazemelissa, @Recessivegenequeen and @Heather. If I am at this point today, it is only because of your support and discussion on this forum. I cannot tell you how glad and happy I am. When it happened, I could not even believe it for some time. I finally feel like a normal person. Vaginismus took a huge toll on my self-confidence because it made me feel like I could not do something that everyone else could do and also because of the lack of awareness on this subject. Many doctors themselves are not aware of it and it made me think what the hell is wrong with me. Nobody understood me except for the people on this forum. I also had this huge fear that if this condition is not treated, my husband would leave me. There were people in my family who even doubted my mental condition because of it. I had to hear so many taunts because of this condition. My studies were also affected but after curing it, I got my self-confidence back and I feel like I am invincible because if I got out of this alone, then I can do anything. To all those girls who are fighting vaginismus, you can do it too. Just keep persevering and you’ll get your reward and if you ever worry like me that people in your life will leave you because of vaginismus, then remember that only those people who support us during our difficult times are worthy of staying with us in our good times. Rest of them don’t matter. Stay strong and more power to all the vaginismus warriors out there!