Loreen, I’ve shared the bed with a few women who had no sexual experience at all. In some the hymen is already torn due to tampon usage or insertion of objects before they have sex. Others have a thick or rigid hymen that is still intact. There have been occasions on which I literally felt something blocking my penis from entering the vagina, so when the hymen is still intact it really feels like a barrier you need to get/push through. That’s also the reason why it’s easy to confuse vaginismus and a thick hymen. When someone has vaginismus, there is a barrier too, but this feels different. There is often no way to “get in”, no matter how hard you try. When you have a thick hymen, once you are past the barrier, the penis slides in without any issue. Sorry if this all sounds a bit technical, I don’t know how to explain it otherwise. My suggestion is to give it another go. When it’s still impossible for your partner to penetrate you, consult your doc.