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Hi there Rachid, thanks for your story. It’s refreshing to read another point of view, and to see how in large parts of the world religion still has a giant influence on someones sexuality.

I think epididymal hypertension is something almost all men can relate to. My husband has this as well, for instance after a long session of kissing and touching each others bodies. He can easily resolve the problem by masturbating. As far as I get it that’s out of the question for you. But as you’ve discovered as well, even when you don’t get relief, your body takes care of business when the pressure gets too high and an ejaculation will occur automatically (either during a nightly dream or during sexual activity). I understand this is not an easy subject to talk about with a partner who has vaginismus, cause it adds an extra layer of complexity on top of the issues she is already dealing with. But l agree we should have the courage to also talk about the issues vaginismus can cause (indirectly) in men.