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I’ve done some research.

A study called “Female Sexual Dysfunction: Therapeutic Options and Experimental Challenges” states that 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction, and about 70% of that group has difficulties in achieving an orgasm – most of them never get one. The study states the same reasons as @recessivegenequeen: when sex hurts, you are less likly to have a positive attitude towards sexuality and this makes you less motivated to have orgasms.

By the way, women in *general* often have a hard time reaching a climax. Only 6 percent of women always have an orgasm during sex with a partner (I found this in a study called “Determinants of female sexual orgasms”). That is an astonishing low number!

What’s more: at the age of 24, about 30% of all women NEVER had an orgasm. “In general women masturbate less frequently and start at a later age” when compared to men. (source: National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior)

I think it’s fair to say women still have a long way to go when it comes to orgasms.