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Hi Dishaz – thanks so much for sharing your story and I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had so much pain. You shouldn’t have to suffer so much for sex and I know you are brave because of all that you’ve endured to have your son.

The other women here have added some really great advice, and I just wanted to also throw in that you might be a great candidate for the Botox treatment that the Maze clinic and other facilities offer. This is what I needed to finally kick my vaginismus because the botox helped stop my muscles from tensing so tight whenever anything came near my vagina, and it also helped my brain understand that penetration was possible, You can read all about it here:

I know it probably feels helpless at times, but there are still strategies you haven’t tried. I hope you’ll look into them so you can have more peace of mind and less pain if that’s something you’re interested in!