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Hi LBS1515,

This is a complicated answer, because everyone is so different.

The dilation process helps in two ways: 1. it helps to lengthen and stretch the tense and tight muscles in the vagina, and 2. helps to reduce your fear surrounding penetration, by the repeated act of continuing to dilate every day.

However, for some the anxiety and fear is so overwhelming, that moving up in the dilation process is really challenging.

For many women addressing the anxiety, either through talk therapy or medication, can be the added key to moving up in dilation.

Anxiety can make pain perception more intense, and the more anxious you are, the more your body will tense your vaginal muscles.

This is why our Botox procedure is also very helpful. The botox injected in the muscles will prevent them from tensing and tightening, so you are not working against yourself.

Vaginal valium suppositories might also be helpful to relax the pelvic floor. Those are prescription and you would need to get them from your gynecologist.

There is no set time for successful dilation…you do you…just don’t stop trying and seeking help. Treating vaginismus is more of a long distance run, than a sprint…it takes time and effort, but you can get there, you are already on your way.