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Persevere, this is amazing news!!! I’m so glad using an in-between size worked for you! A lot of women experience the same setback so I had a good feeling you’d see success if you could find a smaller dilator than the one you were struggling with.

You also learned such a valuable lesson that is a big part of vaginismus treatment in general – trust your body! Sometimes our hearts and minds want to move faster than our bodies are ready for, but as challenging as it is we have to let our bodies learn and adjust at their own pace. We go through so many changes day-to-day (especially in our vaginas, which can feel and react differently during different points in our monthly cycle) so it’s important not to give up, stay patient, keep trying, and celebrate victories and progress as they come.

Congratulations on your new milestone and let us know how it continues to go! Many women have been where you stood today and we are pulling for you!