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Hi Minnied – thanks so much for sharing your experience! This is really amazing insight and honestly doesn’t surprise me since I think a lot of people with issues around vaginismus often find they are severe because they were raised in some type of environment that discouraged or pathologized sex. Speaking as someone who had vaginismus for a decade, my issue was definitely more entrenched because so much time passed before I understood anything that was happening – I had years to feel pain, develop shame and inadequacy around that pain, and have even more of a complex about that pain as a result. If I had been able to discover a tendency toward pain and tightness before I was sexually active and to undergo treatment before it even became something to be self-conscious about, I’m sure I would have been saved years of misery.

Is this program you’re doing being promoted widely in Poland? Are there ways other educators and medical professionals are being taught what you’ve learned? Early-life techniques like this could cause a paradigm shift around sexual pain disorders if they became widespread!