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Thank you both for your nice answers. I’ve started applying the hormone cream every evening, and also continuing dilation. I am only able to see my BF in the weekends, so to reassure myself that I’m still able to have PIV I like to dilate a few times just to keep myself in that positive mindset. It makes me feel proud of myself when I’m able to use the biggest dilator/dildo during dilation/masturbation, so I don’t mind it!!

I doubt I have a semen allergy, I’ve never really responded poorly to that before- I had sex for 7 good years before I got vaginismus. I’m also very careful with hygiene products (I only use water to wash myself down there), and I hardly wear tight underwear- mostly just cotton, or nothing at all (we’re all home all week anyways these days..).

But thank you so much, Heather, for reassuring me that this may just pass with time too, and that it’s normal. Since I’m only able to have PIV about once a week (depending on what time me and my BF have when we are together), I’m gonna assume it will only get better in time as I’m currently moving back to my home town where he lives, and therefore mgiht be able to have sex several times a week!!

I don’t mind a little soreness, I mean, it’s normal to feel that “somethings happened” down there after sex, but having problems wiping I think is a bit too sore- I’d like to get to a point where that won’t happen.