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Hi diercl48,

We all have these moments – minutes – days – weeks, etc. And the pandemic has done a lot to magnify our experiences both good and bad. I want to honor all of your incredible work and success and acknowledge the aggravatingly hard times, too.

Only you can decide what is best for you, so be true to yourself. I will say, however, that maintaining flexibility to whatever extent you can will serve you not only now, but in the future. And while we can’t predict what life will look like down the road, we at Maze do know that consistency is your best friend when it comes to dilation treatment. You can decide to stop at anytime – absolutely. Just know that you may have setbacks when it comes to the stretchiness of vaginal muscles if dilation isn’t maintained. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t return to treatment at some later on. We just like to promote the idea that knowledge is power, and want you to make a decision based on information.

No matter what road you choose – soak up the things that bring you joy, and appreciate all of your progress! Healing is never a straight line, and with careful consideration along the way, you’ll arrive wherever you need to be.