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Hi everyone,

It has been a long old time!
I’m 23 now, and have had painful sex/ tensing of the vagina, since I first started having sex when I was 18.
I just wanted to give an update on where I a now, following my last post in May 2019 I did buy a small vibrator and used this for maybe a year (with lube) before I went on to using dilators in the summer of last year. After a few months of using the dilators and working up the 4 sizes available to the biggest size, I had sex with someone I’d had sex with before and we had painless sex and have done it again since that time. Even though I still struggle occasionally I have come a very long way. 🙂 I actually write a blog of my progress which you can see here: https://sexualsessions135104910.wordpress.com/2020/03/25/dilators-do-they-though-no-they-dont/