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Hi LonelyTears – thanks for updating us and sharing your questions! To your point about things like tampons and gyno appointments being less work, as someone who used to have severe vaginismus and has since been fully cured by the botox treatment, a lot of things DEFINITELY get easier (intercourse especially). For me there are still things that are a bit tough – for whatever reason, putting in tampons is still a struggle and I usually have to do it lying down if I want to wear one, but I’m still so many leaps and bounds ahead of where I was, and I’m pretty sure there’s women who never had vaginismus who still feel uncomfortable being touched certain ways or doing things like going to the gyno, so even if some things are still harder than others, that doesn’t mean you’re not cured. We’re all on a different journey but it’s possible to have way less discomfort than you have now!