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Thank you for the praise and support, and I will also look into all the tips given. IRL I only have hubby to confide in about this. He’s amazing and understanding, but of course can’t relate to anything I tell him being a man. Sometimes it’s nice to just hear another woman say, I KNOW that feeling you describe. After 30 years of it alone and ashamed, it really means a lot.

I’ve always wondered how most women just do things without difficulty down there, whether it’s sex, medical exams, tampons, anything. Now I’m starting to realise that if you don’t get the discomfort/pain of muscles tightening, it must actually be quite easy? I used to think my tension was from being anxious/scared, in other words entirely within my control if I could just calm down, but when I used the vibrator I couldn’t be any more relaxed, yet I still hit those walls. So I guess I just have naturally tight muscles regardless of my emotional state? Do women without vaginismus just have naturally more relaxed muscles?

Sorry for all the questions, it’s just great to actually start understanding what’s going on and why. Anyway, I still feel saw from the vibrator 2 days later. Is that normal? I was intimate with hubby a few days prior to using it and even though he’s bigger than the vibrator, he doesn’t leave me saw for this long like the vibrator has. He was thinking it might be because it’s hard and curved at the tip while he is softer and straight. I don’t know, but to be honest I’m struggling a bit with the feeling lasting this long.