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Thank you recessivegenequeen (-: I really appreciate your input.

I have been away from the forum (and also not practicing much with our progress unfortunately) as January has been a really stressful month with my mum having a fall, and then various tests and now a neurology appointment tomorrow. I have been so preoccupied with all this and supporting her (with all the coronavirus restrictions in place, it’s making dealing with this stuff especially difficult) that we’ve not spent much time working on things….

Somehow, we’ve managed two more times – and we have reached a similar point. I just haven’t felt in the right mindset at all. My hubby is really great and there is no time pressure, so hoping we can just keep trying when I’m having less stressful days. Life sometimes gets in the way, I guess!

I just wondered if anyone else has felt feelings of guilt or discomfort about being sexual with a partner when dealing with family illness/stress?

I really appreciate getting feedback and support here – so thank you x