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Hi Everyone,
My name is Kate and I’ve been struggling with what I think is vaginismus for the past 4 years. I’m 22 years old now and I’ve had this problem since I was 18. Before encountering this problem, I had perfectly normal, enjoyable sex. I encountered this problem while having sex with a yeast infection. The sex was painful and now every time I attempt to have sex, I experience tightness in my vagina and a burning/stinging sensation. I cannot have sex for more than a few minutes a day without feeling excruciating pain. I can achieve full penetration which is enjoyable, but I experience a mild burning/stinging sensation that intensifies over a few minutes. I have visited a gynecologist who ruled out any physical abnormalities (through a vaginal exam and ultrasound) and infections (through a swab). She prescribed an anti-depressant to see if it fixes the problem in case it is nerve-related. This did not help. I have not visited the gynecologist since, but since every other possibility seems to be ruled out, I think I have secondary vaginismus. I recently purchased a set of silicone vaginal dilators to hopefully help me overcome this issue. If anyone has a similar experience and would like to share, that would be amazing. Does anyone know if I can overcome this condition by using vaginal dilators alone? If so, how should I use them and how often? Thank you so much.
– Kate