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diercl48 – so sorry to hear about the setbacks you have had. But you are absolutely right – you are strong and brave!!! A big part of the vaginismus treatment journey is that sometimes the path is winding and even moves backward on the way to going forward. Your treatment is also never the only thing going on in your life. It is possible to be waylaid by other stresses and busy periods, to have to figure out new ways of making this work in your life. But the biggest key is to keep going, and you are an expert at that. It’s so important to remember that you have made progress before. Some days dilation and physical therapy will be harder than they were a day before, but it’s important to recognize those little milestones and remember that if you’ve done something once, you can get back to that place again in time.

Your resilience is the thing that will bring you your success, and you’ve proven you have it in spades. You can do it, you’ve shown us that much, and we are here for you every step of the way. Many women have gone through what you’re experiencing. You are never alone.

Good luck and please let us know how you’re doing as you proceed! We’re here for you!