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Hi Heather

Thank you 😊

Since I last posted, we’ve made some progress! Life has been very busy, but we have had 2 attempts and both times we got the head of the penis fully in. I discovered that holding him and actually guiding it in super-slowly is helping us to know what is happening, if that makes sense?! The second time in particular the head was completely in as I kept my hand on his penis so when he gently pulled away, I could see and feel how much we got in. I cried because deep down I still didn’t believe it was possible. It wasn’t too uncomfortable either, so feeling really pleased.

Hoping to get another attempt in this weekend before speaking to my therapist in Tuesday.

By the way, we used the dilator first (just number 4), but I think that also helped 👍🤞xx

So good to be able to share it here! We’re not there yet, but I’m starting to believe xx