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I stumbled on this post in an effort to find answers for a very similar problem. I’m a 35 year old woman, and haven’t used birth control pills in over 4 years. I’ve had my hormones tested, and from what doctors tell me, my hormones are normal. However, every time I have sex, it’s painful and my posterior fourchette tears.

I went to a specialist a few years ago and was diagnosed with primary vaginismus. I was advised to use dialators and massage the posterior fourchette with a hormone compound (E2 + Test) cream which did help a lot! However, once I stop doing this regimen, I’m back to having painful sex. I’m concerned about the ramifications of using hormones in the long run, especially since I would like to become pregnant one day. My questions are:

At my age, why does my body require these hormones in order to function normally? It doesn’t seem right.
Can I use something natural and get the same results?

Any help is immensely appreciated.